The Sugar Project’s public community art engagement events are addressing the relationship between women as commodity, gender violence, inequality, oppression and the legacy of women as property. During these pubic events community members are asked to “Imagine what the world would be like: if there was no more gender violence, if prostitution didn’t exist, if mommies and daddies and boys and girls were all equal, if patriarchy didn’t exist. The text generated by the public will be written on the ground in granulated sugar as it is generated, creating temporary visual art installations of community voices at each site. Collected sugar-writing text will be recreated for the exhibition in a site-specific design, linking the universal connections between commodity, violence, inequality and oppression through artistic metaphor and real life voices.

Participating sugar writing organizations are: Seattle University, The Organization for Prostitution Survivors, Union Gospel Mission’s Hope Place Shelter, Bellwether Exhibition and Art Walk, Seattle’s Amistad School, Horn of Africa Youth Serives and ArtXchange.

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Sugar Writing Public Art Engagement | 2016 | the sugar project