During the creation of SUCCESSION: The Exchange Project two community engagement workshops were held at The Recovery Cafe and Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, working with the homeless population and people in recovery from homelessness, addiction, mental illness and trauma. These workshops, centered around the theme of “place”, were an integral part of the project’s generative process. Each participant was engaged in dialogue through the question “What comes to your mind when you think about having a place in the world?”. The conversation was followed by a creative process that included writing, drawing, patterning, collage and sculpture sourced from personal images and metaphors of “place”.  A showing was held of the artwork created in the workshops at each organization before becoming a featured part the SUCCESSION installation at Gallery 4Culture, Jan 7 – Jan 28 2016. The main objectives of this process were to give participants a creative voice through personal information from their own life stories, and to create meaningful exchange by entering their world and inviting them into the art gallery environment as participants through the presence of their artwork and their stories.

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SUCCESSION Community Workshops | 2015 | SUCCESSION: The Exchange Project