I am a multidisciplinary artist working through an integration of social practice and installation. My projects endeavor to push social and aesthetic boundaries, to create empathy through community building initiatives, and to nurture cultural healing.

I’ve had two respective art careers in dance performance and visual art that inform the process of my work. My practice includes stylized environmental design, the use of conceptually driven materials and imagery, sculpture fabrication, video installation, photography, choreography, and community investment on a wide scale. My investment in social practice and community engagement come from a conviction that at its most powerful art is relational and experiential. These factors are the driving force of my work. In my large projects maps of visual language are coded through environments that invite viewers and project participants into an immersive experience.


Michelle’s design aesthetic has a contemporary, elemental and industrial sensibility that reflects a vision of economy, functionality and artistic precision. Her instincts combine clean modernism with relaxed tranquility and comfort.

In 2010 a 250 sq. ft. Mini House Michelle designed, built and lives in were the subject of a 3 page feature article on the cover of the New York Times Home and Garden section. She and the house have also been featured in MORE Magazine, Scoops Homes and Art in Western Australia, and the noteworthy Houzz and Inhabitat design blogs among others. Michelle designed the building and sourced, fabricated and assembled all of the custom built and salvaged fixtures and furniture featured in the interior. She has since completed two additional remodel projects: a 2 bedroom bungalow and a 1959 mind century home. Her newest project is the remodel of a vintage 18 ft. Silver Streak “Jet” trailer using the same functional, rustic and clean aesthetic that is her signature.

Michelle’s Mini House is now featured in renown London designer Terrence Conran’s book“How to Live in Small Spaces” , released in October 2012. Three of Michelle’s house design projects are also featured in Joan Palmisano’s new design book, “Salvage Secrets, Design and Decor”. She has also been featured on the HGTV series “Home Strange Home” hosted by comedian, actor and TV personality Chuck Nice , and is featured in the pilot season of Tiny House Nation airing in August 2014. To watch the segment on Tiny House Nation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uj8pbtcsNns

As a welder Michelle makes sculpture, and designs and fabricates custom steel furniture and architectural elements. She works from her studio and welding shop in South Seattle. For inquiries on custom furniture please use the contact page.



As a creative mentor Michele’s forte is to assist people in accessing and articulating personally authentic imagery through a process of dialogue, writing, reading, drawing, movement, collage and sculpture. She uses these creative techniques and intuitive insight to take mentees into a non linear artistic process, cultivating an experience of seeing the world through a different lens. Trusting one’s instincts and inner voice, developing conceptual thinking in visual terms, and tangible art making skills are the results. These are tools that can be used to bring artistry and original ingenuity into work environments, relationships, domestic environments and artistic practices, fostering inspiration and a deep satisfaction through manifesting stories and thought processes in artistically palpable ways.

As a design consultant for Mini Houses and simple living, Michelle’s goal is to assist people in leveraging their assets and resources by achieving strategic designs that are creatively sourced and functionally and aesthetically fulfilling.  Michelle helps clients to determine their goals for their Mini Houses, guides them through design choices, materials sourcing and

building processes, and helps them envision and manifest simpler living by understanding what is fundamental in their lives. Her greatest asset as a consultant is her ability to distill and understand what is essential in the realms of values, function and aesthetics.













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  1. Vickie Whatley says:

    Thank you for your unique view. I enjoyed seeing the work and especially appreciate the reuse aspect of the living spaces.

  2. […] bene in mente questa immagine, senza sbirciare nella galleria fotografica che viene dopo, perchè Michelle de la Vega ha saputo davvero sfruttare ogni metro di questo garage (circa 75 metri quadri), trasformandolo in […]

  3. Frankie says:

    I loved the transformation you did on the garage! It demonstrates what you can do with imagination and a little tallent! Well done!

  4. You are an amazing soul and I cherish your contribution to this planet.

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